The road-map of AI-Human collaboration

The recent developments in the field of AI are creating very interesting new outcomes.

We have been always focused on how AI will take over, how it will grow into something stand-alone and will take over the World. Maybe that will happen someday, but before that, there are a lot of areas where working together with an AI-integrated system can help humans.

Collaborating usually makes our work better — but keeping a team on task is not easy. Now, researchers are finding that machines can bring out the best in group work.

The ‘wisdom of the crowd’ has been acknowledged as far back as Ancient Greece when Aristotle noted that many unremarkable men often make better collective judgments than great individuals.

The biggest factor affecting how collectively intelligent a group can be is the degree of coordination among its members — Anita Woolley

Anita Woolley has been working on collaborative AI for a lot of years, her work is how to sync up with AI and make the best out of it. In nature the collaborative work always pays, it does not only help to do things and assignments faster but also it helps to protect the community.
According to Wolley,

“We can have some very smart individuals working on different components in isolation, but if we don’t have coordination it’s really hard to make any headway,” says Woolley. “I think it’s going to be critical to helping these different components actually coordinate in the ways needed to address the biggest collective action problems.”

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