Re-thinking the Future

Who will create the future?

Sometimes it is not enough to technically pioneer in a certain vertical or industry. Timing and dreaming are as important as technical skill sets. You can have the best technical team ever, but if you don't have the visionary and bold people in the team you will not keep up with time.

The ability to come up with truly revolutionary ideas is crucial — and extremely rare. The ability to imagine new directions is surprisingly rare for many, but others have it in abundance. The ability to spot them first, follow their twists and turns, and keep going when fellow travelers shout that you are going nowhere — is the trademark of a truly exceptional innovator.

Most importantly, this requires character and not just technical skills.

In 1975, a young Kodak engineer named Steven Sasson developed the first digital camera.

The Kodak management’s reaction?

Kodak’s entire business model had been based on film photography. Sasson’s invention would wipe out the film, which in turn would wipe out Kodak’s existing business.

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