How can we prevent Pandemics for good…

Is it really unpredictable to prevent pandemics to happen?

Recently I was reading an article about how the spread of new pandemics could be prevented. We as humans always tend to believe the first thing that is written or published and stick with the idea.

When we’ve tightly wrapped our identity around an idea, we no longer have an opinion. We are the opinion.

Humans also have a hard time tolerating ambiguity. We find it much easier to land in simple, rigid categories and stay there. Meditation is good. Meditation is useless. College is essential. College is pointless. War is good. War is bad. Instead of seeing all the grey between these extremes, we reject any evidence that introduces doubt. From this perspective, it’s better to suppress peer-reviewed information about the potential adverse effects of meditation than to distort a neat, one-dimensional picture that paints meditation as a universal good.

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