50 Years

Why do we need to change now?

Why "Fifty Years"?

In 1931 Winston Churchill wrote a phenomenal essay called "Fifty Years Hence", in which he predicts nuclear power, cell phones, genetic engineering, artificial intelligence, and even cultured meat! He also talks about the social responsibility of scientists and technologists to build the world we actually want. While we do not endorse the entire complicated legacy of Churchill, we were inspired by the predictive insight of this essay and the message that technologists have both great power and therefore great responsibility.

Today, we need to democratize and decentralize the diagnostics ecosystem in health care. Pre-hospital diagnostics should be done anytime, anywhere, instantly, and should be accessible by everyone in order to prevent overcrowding hospitals and save time.

Creating a decentralized medical imaging hub will help the patients to access decent health care anywhere, but also provide an opportunity for the doctor to stay connected with the patients that have critical health conditions like the brain, spine injuries, women health conditions, and lung-liver problems. The PONS approach will allow smaller clinics, hospitals, and even homes to have proper imaging technology accessible at lower cost and more flexibility.

By developing partnerships with pharmacies, retail health center, everyone will have a medical diagnostics spot that they can go and connect with their doctor, and by partnering with insurance companies we will be able to create medical imaging pods on every corner, car park, or anywhere in rural areas and connect the field with the healthcare system.

We need to change how health care is accessible
To Innovate a new standard of healthcare worldwide.

To bring "affordable, high-quality medical imaging to all corners of the globe."